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Monday, March 9, 2009

Scooping Up the Weekend's Grounders and a Home Run

Chipper looks awful in the WBC. Now we find out he is off the team due to injury. In business, the PR release would have said, “He is resigning to pursue other interests.” Same difference.

Everyone expects the Yankees to reach out and find another third baseman to [a] replace Alex for the time being [b] hold in reserve in case Alex comes back and finds that the surgery was not as useful as expected – Dodgers have an extra option now that they got Hudson but will Joe Torre be willing to do a favor for the $teinbrenners and part with Blake DeWitt?
I am still betting on Brett Gardner as the opening day center fielder. And, I am wondering if Melky is trade chip that will get them a third baseman.

Jason Schmidt makes his spring training debut today. To me he is a poster boy for why Strat-o-Matic managers ought not to bet the ranch on pitching prospects. Remember when he was the hottest pick available? Now he is puffed up – disuse not Aroids.

Jimmy Rollins predicted a Phillies repeat when interviewed on during last night’s thrashing of Venezuela. He sees no reason why they should not do it again. I see one or two. Moyer is one year older and the Mets managed to influence the schedule maker so that they don’t close the season against the Marlins.

Dunn’s home run interrupted Rollins’ interview. Adam Dunn is the poster boy for the WBC which is growing on me. I love the guy’s enthusiasm. I have gotten so involved in the two US games that I began to wonder if Davy Johnson was the best manager we could have gotten. He nearly blew it by not activating the bullpen earlier when Oswalt faltered and no one can understand how or why he is using Rollins and Jeter the way he is.

And, for those of you who follow the economy – The uptick rule was suspended by the SEC some time ago. The rule says that no short sales can be recorded unless they follow an increase in the stock price (an uptick). Restoring that rule would shut down rampant short selling (selling stock you do not own in anticipation of being able to buy it back at a lower price). Restoring the rule would go a long way to stabilize markets. Changing the rule is within the executive powers of the chairman of the SEC. Ms. Schapiro may need a nudge.


  1. He will do in the short run but he is not a solution -- strikes out a lot; was first drafted 11 years ago; never reached 80 games in any one season in the majors.