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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lend Lease Players?

Over on an Oriole fan site, is the report that Tony LaRussa the Cardinals manager, is so short of pitching arms that he want to borrow two or three from the overstocked Orioles when the Cardinals come to Fort Lauderdale to play there.

I have another idea. Hire a second bus and bring more players to away games.

As it is, fans are seeing 1 1/3 teams instead of two while the ticket prices continue to escalate. I know the Yankees are not charging $2,500 for dugout to dugout seats at Legends Field, but $31 is still $31 dollars.

That is not too much to see some of the Yankees of the future, but when you pay it to see the Marlins host the Phillies, you sort of hope that the Philadelphia infield will not be Dobbs, Donald, Bruntlett and Matt Stairs taking reps at first base while Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are catching rays on St. Petersburg Beach.

Charging more for less is an airline concept that has not worked -- note that USAirways is returning to free soda and a Ryan air spokesman said that his CEO often makes things up as he goes along and they will not charge for using the on-board toilets.

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