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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jaguarjoe72's Blog – Let’s Discuss

The roster of bloggers about baseball is vast. This guy is more perceptive than most, so when I read this, I thought to myself – do I agree with the grades or not. Here are his grades and notes, followed by mine. I truncated to the extent of batching the pitchers. To see his original got to

Amezaga (B-) Has been hurt; only .233 average, but defense has been spectacular and has had some timely hits.

Me: B+ for super sub. The only rap is that he cannot play day to day because he fades.

Baker (A) Has really flourished as the #1 catcher.

Me: Agree. It is a bonus when you get a catcher, comfortable and contributing in the #2 place in the order

Bonifacio (B-) Started out great, but his average (.257) and on base % (.304) are too low

Me: Solid B. His play in the field is exceptional and when he is on base the speed is staggering

Cantu (A+) Where would the Fish be without Cantu? I don't want to know.

Me: I push back on the + because good as he is, he is short of Pujol Territory

Gload (F) Needs to show improvement or he will be released or sent to Triple-A.

Me: Sadly Yes. He was hired to be reliable. He is not reliable.

Helms (C) It is tough to come off the bench to pinch hit-but that's his job and a .258 average just isn't good enough.

Me: I would upgrade him to C+. I have seen him come through too often to back away now.

Hermida (C-) Low average and less power than expected. Had one really good game and that's it.

Me: D for Disappointment. He just has not lived up to the hype surrounding his place in the Baseball Prospect Book when he was in the Red Sox chain.

Maybin (D) Good in the field, not so much at the plate. Needs to work on the .216 average and .284 on base %.

Me: Borderline Flunk Out. It is time for him to deliver on the promise. I think given the D for

Hermida and my D- for Maybin, I would like to see what Stanton or De Aza can do.

Paulino (A) Best backup catcher in baseball. Period.

Me: B. Let's not get carried away. He flunked in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh!

Ramirez (C-) Numbers are way down and his character has come into question with his lack of hustle.

Me: He is a candidate to make his contribution elsewhere. I spoke to a couple of scouts last night and they think he is a valuable asset. The trade package can include his replacement, bullpen help and outfield support

Ross (C) Fan favorite for the Fish-not coming up with the clutch hits that made him so popular.

Me: C is about it. Charming guy, great smile, fields well, needs to hit.

Uggla (C-) A .212 average just isn't going to cut it. That being said, it's hard to imagine this lineup without him in it.

Me: D and proving every day that a Rule V player is a Rule V player. Baseball wisdom says that you can't win unless you are fielding strong up the middle. Baker is good, Maybin can field. Ramirez and Uggla is the Double Play combo from Hell; every gapper is an adventure.

Starting Rotation: C because the talent is there but you cannot overlook 17 straight games without earning a decision.

Relievers: C because we are in first place anyway.

Closing: C- based on nails bitten when a save opportunity arises.

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