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Monday, February 23, 2009

About This Blog

Who Am I? you can more or less check me out at

Why Am I doing this? partly as an experiment in some of the newer forms of communications. I have been a skeptic about social media, but my concept is that if enough people are talking about it then it must be worth looking into. And, what better way to look into it than to jump right in. There is no sense going to the beach if you don't plan to get wet -- otherwise all you do is sit in the sand and get itchy. Right?

Why baseball? Because a long time ago someone told me write about what you know. I really do not know that much about baseball, but I go to a lot of games, play Strat-0-Matic avidly (if not well) and have the same combination of knowledge + misinformation + unique perspectives as the next guy.

What else? I make a detour from time to time, away from baseball, to some other things I like to think about -- the economy; some of my clients; politics (I am a devoted centrist -- I want Congress to keep their hands out of my pocket and away from a woman's right to control her own internal organs, and I want all the stem cell research that is possible; but I want fiscal responsibility and some sense that there is an exit strategy from the nationalization of American commerce that President Obama has launched. I may comment on whatever else in the news I think is worth commenting on. After all, that is what a blog is for, isn't it.

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